your productivity

  • User QoE

    In real time with low latency

  • collaborative

    Video, audio and chat

  • Multi-devices

    On workstation, laptop, tablet or mobile

  • Zero-client deployment

    Based on standards such as WebRTC, HTML5

  • Security

    No data transmission only pixel,
    P2P architecture with encrypted streams

  • Flexibility

    SaaS, on-premise, host-to-host

use cases

use case #1Manufacturing industries

An ideal management tool for project manager

USE integrates a teleworking solution saving you travel time and money by allowing users to host web meetings and enjoy face-to-face communication wherever they are.
To work remotely with your favorite applications:
- project review
- synchronous co-design - simulation and visualization

use cases

use case #2E-health and biotechnologies

A complete environment to share your queries and promote your results

USE provides a unified working environment for both exchange with your collaborators while handling your software code on remote HPC resources.
To work with your teams and partners on a collegial basis:
- jointly annotate and navigate in your data
- engage your HPC resources on your device - visualize and interact with your simulations remotely

use cases

use case #3E-learning

To learn and practice together: A new virtual classroom tool

The ability to view the status of your students (« Presence ») is a great time saver avoiding unnecessary-face meetings and makes managing and working with remote students easier than ever.
To promote a new area for learning in the Digital Age:
- cooperative digital workspace
- co-develop with others remotely - flipped classroom

use in details

  • Focus Data

    Stay focused by centralizing your data and applications for a remote multi-peer collaborative access, avoiding back-and-forths or version conflicts.

  • Focus Performance

    Thought for virtualized environments, USE will follow your users on their road with highly available virtual machines accessible over any network.

  • Focus Security

    Based on latest security standards, USE operates on an encrypted P2P architecture, ensuring the confidentiality of your data.

  • Focus Maintenability

    Simplify your maintenances with a controlled software base accessible from any device.


  • Video and performance

  • Investor

  • Technology

  • University


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